Tour: Books

I've published five books of my black and white photography, including one as a PDF you can print.

Vanilla Sex: Explicit Fine Art Photographs (2007), is a PDF available as a free download at this site and as a high quality paperback. My best work, it contains soft and romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the banality of pornography.

Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs (1998), comprises wholesome images of explicit sex—digitally enhanced but not falsified.

Sexual Art: Photographs that Test the Limits (1994) is a book that presents transgressive images of explicit sex, and features what I call “non-standard penetration.” I believe that I coined the phrase “sexual art" ... or at least no one's proven otherwise.

My book Sexual Portraits: Photographs of Radical Sexuality (1990) comprises sharply focused, elegantly composed, studio sexual portraits that explore erotic piercings and tattoos, S/M and gender play.

My first book, Sexual Magic: the S/M Photographs (1986), presents impressionistic, gritty, cinema verite images of actual sadomasochistic sex scenes and interviews with the participants.